Find out what drives you when you drive a car.
Habits every day
The Motore app is designed to keep you calm and confident while driving. It will help you learn good habits and identify negative ones.
Learn how to improve your driving experience
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For large screens
Use the Motore app on any portable device, from your smartphone to your tablet.
Driving as a conscious choice
You may want to avoid driving on a bad day or when you feel unwell. See how your well-being affects your driving skills.
Notes for all circumstances
You can't influence the quality of the road or the presence of traffic jams on a familiar route? Check these factors to make it easier to make decisions about changing your habits.
Trajectory is also important
Not all of us could easily cope with driving in a difficult situation. But on the other hand, everyone can easily figure out how to behave on a familiar road.
First stage
In order for the habit of high-quality driving to take root for a long time, you need to follow it on a daily basis. While you are looking for intrinsic motivation, we will help you with important goals at the start.
Choose what is most convenient
The Motore app supports dark theme and auto-change to make it more comfortable to use.
Designed to help you do what only you can do
The Motore app is very easy to use and allows you to get the most out of it with a minimum of taps.
No unnecessary clutter, just you and your travels.
Ability to use with one hand even on large screens.
All data is updated online without delays.
Check with your insurance or leasing company if your car has the necessary equipment installed.
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