Changing the perception
of the telematics
data value
Smart solutions to reduce transport losses.
Continuous improvement of products in global markets.
Solutions and products are available in Russia and CIS countries.
Best international practices in local markets
years of work
years in Russia
Turn data into business value
Numbers do not rule the world, but they show how the world is governed.
A line of digitized trips could reach the sun 2,916 times.
Collected, digitized, labeled and classified.
Modern technologies together create the best product.
billion kilometers
thousand claims
How it works?
Get accurate data from specialized devices, or collect basic information from simple ones.
IoT & Data Management
Manage raw data streams from your devices and smart gadgets in real time.
Big Data & Analytics
Store and process all your data efficiently to extract value from it.
Neural network & Deep learning
Use complex models to keep things simple.
Telematics Scoring
Eliminate pricing bias and speed up the decision-making process about bonuses and individual offers.
Risk Management
The best tool for reducing potential damage to a car is driving data.
Claims Management
If trouble on the road could not be avoided, then settle the loss as soon as possible.
Customer Management
The more you know about your customers, the better your offer and the more efficient your service.
Get more opportunities to surprise your clients with partner offers and bonuses.
Fleet & Asset Management
Improve your operational efficiency by managing your fleet and employees.
Enrich your product, business processes or corporate knowledge with new data.

The world is changing and you are halfway there

It's nice when all the options are winning.

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